You have entered a website on which you can make your AI Dreams come true!

On you can choose from a large number of profiles to chat with. What makes special is that the interactive and entertaining conversations you can engage in with these profiles are provided by our Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot that utilizes its advanced AI technology to apply language processing algorithms to understand and respond to your messages, creating a conversational experience.

Our AI-chatbot is not only a good conversationalist, it also has a creative side. It is also responsible for generating the profiles on, including the (portrait) photos. Our AI-chatbot uses a special technique to create these (portrait) photos. using this technique, it collects 1 pixel from thousands of different pictures scattered across the Internet. Our AI -chatbot, merges all these individual pixels together to generate a portrait of a unique, nonexistent person. Thus, the pictures in the profiles are the creation of our AI-chatbot and not real persons.

Our AI-chatbot is constantly learning and getting smarter every day. However, it is possible for it to misjudge a situation and react in a way that you perceive as strangely offensive. We have a team of real people who monitor this and can intervene, if necessary, but we would appreciate it if you report any strange or inappropriate experiences to us as well. You can do this by sending an email to We use these experiences in the training of our AI-chatbot so that it recognizes them in the future and hopefully such situations will not occur in the future.

Finally, Always keep in mind that no matter how natural the conversations are, our AI-chatbot is not a human being. Our AI-chatbot is not designed and/or suitable for giving. This applies specifically to medical advice or advice related to (mental) health issues. If you have any concerns or need specific advice, You should seek independent professional help.

For even more (legal) information about our AI-chatbot, see articles 2, 3 and 4 of our terms & conditions.

Other Functionalities

In addition to its main purpose, chatting with you and maybe becoming your digital girlfriend, our AI-Chatbot also has the following secondary functionalities you may want to explore:

Privacy and Data Security

We prioritize User privacy and data security. Conversations are encrypted, and User data is protected. Users have control over their personal information and can choose what data to share with the Chatbot. please see out terms & conditions and privacy policy for more information.

User validation: Accounts are created by verification of your email address and confirmation by a unique 6 digit code All accounts are double optin.

It’s important to note that age verification by date of birth relies on the honesty and accuracy of the user’s provided information. While it is a straightforward method, it may not be foolproof, as individuals can provide false birthdates. Our moderation systems check on age and date of birth mentioned after confirmation, and will exclude users from using the Services when age given, proves to be incorrect.